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  • Kenneth Haskin

Once more into the breech, Gottfried Bohm

I have been posting a lot of architecture stuff. Why? Because I love it. I changed the format to a blog on my Web site yesterday and do not want to confuse anyone. I will return to the old posting style too because these are about beautiful buildings, interesting history, and a love for an art form--not marketing. There are many people who are motivated by money and if I was one of them I sure as hell would not have chosen this as my profession. I hope my posts open you to things you may not have know. Exploring the world is fun and that is what my blurbs are meant to do---give you a destination.

Everyone thinks Frank Gehry is so new and cool. How about Gottfried Bohm? This church was built in 1963 and still looks fresh. I do not know for sure but maybe he saw the movie The Cabinet of Dr. Kilagari?

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