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Falling Water, Failing Frank? Wright, Right?

Many people love Falling Water, the house near Pittsburgh, PA, designed for the Kaufmann family by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. Wright supposedly designed this in a few hours. The owner called saying he wanted to see how the design was progressing and drove out to see Mr. Wright. In the few hours Wright worked he did get it right. The spectacular concrete cantilevered main balcony did start to fall in the 80's, ironically due to water falling and causing spalling, but is now repaired. This design put the architect back on the map and brought his work into a modern mode. His homes lost the Prarie style and became Usonian-- his term for planning and design in modern living in harmony with nature. Got architecture?

The original elevation worked up in a few hours by Wright
The Fall at Falling Water.  Not the main cantilever has not been fixed and is sagging

The Prarie Style
The Usonian Style

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