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  • Ken Haskin, RA

Frankly, Frank- Suntop Homes

Suntop homes in Ardmore, PA by Frank Lloyd Wright are not really about the outside but the inside. There are 4 units of housing all in the center of a 1 Acre lot. Each looks out from the central, structural brick fire wall that separates them. The fences are solid and high so that one can walk in the first floor living room (heated floors) in privacy. The living room is 3 stories tall with a floor to ceiling corner window. Inside the privacy fence there is a lush garden in the Japanese style so the view is beautiful. The second floor kitchen also gets light from the main space and you can see it partially cantilevered over the fireplace. Living is on the top floor with balconies. Architects love to integrate their designs into everything so the light fixtures and grilles are all custom. Got architecture?

Suntop Homes, Ardmore, PA--Frank Lloyd Wright

The living room with kitchen balcony
Light Fixtures of Wright Design
The Suntop Kitchen.  Notice the light monitor.
The Third floor bedroom with balcony

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