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Ever wonder what the future will be like? Since that darnn apple was bitten by humans we have been stuck with memory and so the past and the future came into being. Once out of Eden folks have been trying to get back to the garden. Architects speculate on the future, some as utopia or dystopia, but few get to actually build it. The future can be quite a daunting thing to dream up but not for Oscar Niemeyer. He received a commission for the city of the future in 1962. The city, Brasilia, was quite a feat of design and engineering. The only problem was that the city was indeed for the future as Oscar designed the plan around the automobile. Very few of the population owned a motor vehicle in brasil when the city was completed. Though the government buildings were used the apartment blocks remained empty for a long time until the culture and economy caught up with Niemeyer's future vision. Got Architecture?

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